Learn how we produce more leads, customers,
and sales for our clients

Just Revenue Inc is straight to the pointmaking our clients more money!

The Analysis

This first pillar to building a massively valuable lead generation campaign is to assess the current business, needs, goals and desires, as well as looking at things that need to be improved before creation.

Once our team has a basis of your specific business, we then take that information and translate it into the best method of lead generating channels. We respectfully request a "hands off" approach from our clients so that we are able to do the work that brings in the money.

The Creation

This is the fun part. Just Revenue creates the images, logos, and pictures along with the ad copy that we know is going to return. Depending on the channels we use each creation process is a bit different.

Depending on the industry, we usually produce our ads via the Adwords or Facebook advertising platforms. We've had and continue to have massively successful campaigns for our businesses as well as our clients businesses and we see absolutely no sign of Google or Facebook slowing the process down.

The Launch

After we do our research, create the specific landing pages, pick our keywords and ad channels, set up auto responders and everything else, we're finally ready to launch the campaign. This is an exciting time for our team and clients because they start to see results instantly.

Because we've launched so many campaigns over the years, we never slip up. We've seen and heard horror stories of clients working with companies that cannot provide tangable results, feedback, and waste advertising spend due to errors. Even worse, it comes out of the client's pocket. We don't make errors, we do it right the first time.

The Feedback

You'd think that once the campaign analysis, creation, and launch is complete that we'd sit back, right?

Wrong...The most important time for the campaign are the days directly after which it's launched. We need to assess the feedback and stats that are coming in, so we can provide correct adjustments to minimize spend and maximize the leads, customers, and sales.